Retail Trends and Fears in 2024

Get the insights you need to stay ahead of the competition

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    We surveyed 1,000 retail professionals across the U.S. 

    Learn which key trends and developments will be shaping the retail industry in the year ahead. 

    The retail landscape keeps shifting in the digital direction. While e-commerce continues its steady rise, empty storefronts across the country mark the demise of brick-and-mortar's golden age.

    Consumer preferences are changing,and business owners and marketers muststay ahead of these industry trends to survive. This report laysout the pressing issues on retailers’ minds, as well as winning strategies forsuccess in 2024 and beyond. 

    What You’ll Learn From This Report

    The unexpected trends that could save brick-and-mortar

    While online giants reign supreme, physical stores are finding innovative ways to survive. Discover the surprising  strategies some businesses are using to adapt and even turn the tables.

    The one thing every retailer must do to survive

    Brand loyalty and strong customer connections are crucial for weathering economic storms. Retailers who prioritize community building, personalization, and sustainability will fare better and gain a competitive edge.

    The hidden cost of ignoring AI

    From streamlining workflows and generating marketing content to enhancing customer experiences, AI is a retailer's best friend. Learn how to embrace its potential and get a glimpse of the future where robots might just become your best salespeople.

    What to expect in the coming years

    Retailers who experiment with emerging technologies, marketing strategies, and business models will be better positioned to adapt to the dynamic retail landscape. Explore the future of shopping and learn the steps you need to take today to prepare for tomorrow. 

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